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My passion is to fix injuries through movement/exercise. To find what isn’t moving well and assist it to move better. This combined with a little sprinkling of hands on treatment is how I roll.

My Physiotherapy and Pilates practice is like no other. Unlike bigger practices, I pride myself on an intimate relationship with my patients, where they have access to constant dialogue and support via WhatsApp and other media. This way of working is an honour and a privilege and the results that my clients get are amazing.

Physiotherapy is dedicated to restoring and maintaining optimal function of the joints, bones, muscles and nerves of the body. It’s a hands on therapy that involves observing, testing and feeling how your body moves to detemine what is causing your injury/pain.

Pilates perfectly complements the work I do as a physiotherapist, using movements to build strength and flexibility so that you manage and recover from your pain or injury, and also use the exercises going forward to maintain your strength and fitness.

Your Wellness Journey

Work with Becky


Step 1: Book your Initial Consultation Package

This includes:

✓   1 x Face to Face Assessment in Clinic (option to choose online if you are unable to travel)

✓   1 x Online Follow Up Appointment via Zoom (this is to plan the road ahead)

✓   Onward Referral To Specialist/GP or for Scans (if appropriate)

✓   Onward Plan (Treatment & Exercise Rehabilitation)

✓   Online Resources portal

✓   Recorded summary of findings and plan ahead

✓   Access to Becky via WhatsApp for up to 1 month

✓   Complimentary Online Group Pilates sessions x 2

✓   Complimentary 1 Month Access to Pilates On Demand Membership

Book your appointment on our online system by clicking the button below.

Your in-person appointment lasts 40 minutes at our Sidcup, Kent clinic on Saturdays only.

If you have a complex issue or more than one problem that needs assessing please request a longer Initial Consultation.



Step 2: Complete assessment forms

As soon as you’ve booked, you’ll receive an email with confirmation of your booking containing 3 digital forms to fill out.

Please fill out your pre-assessment forms at least one day before you come to clinic to maximise our in-person assessment time.

If possible please email X-ray/ scan results, consultants letter and medication lists prior to attending your appointment to:



Step 3: Initial Consultation

In clinic, I’ll talk to you about your problem and discuss your medical history (please bring any relevant letters, scans, x-ray reports and a list of current medication if you haven’t already emailed).

I’ll then assess your problem by watching you move and using diagnostic tests. Both the area in question and adjacent areas will be assessed in order to give you a working diagnosis. Sometimes this is not completely clear initially but becomes more apparent through the treatment process.

If there’s time in the Initial Consultation, I’ll give you a short treatment or some exercises that you can take away with you. Sometimes time wise this is not possible as there is too much to assess. We’ll then book our online follow up call to discuss the best course of treatment going forward.



Step 4: Post-Assessment Zoom Call

After your consultation, we’ll catch up via Zoom or on the phone to discuss our findings, your suggested treatment plan and answer any questions you might have.

I’ll also show you your online portal that you can log into with a summary of findings, your suggested plan and any exercises I have prescribed. I will also introduce you to my “Fix It Fast” exercise rehabilitation framework which I use with all clients.



Step 5: Ongoing treatment plan

Depending on your recommended treatment plan, you’ll have follow up appointments in clinic as needed and agreed.

I have a range of programmes and packages available depending on your individual requirements, each including 1:1 sessions, WhatsApp communication throughout and a variety of digital resources.

Book Your Initial Consultation

For new patients / new problems / or if you’ve not been seen in clinic for 6 months


After your Initial Consultation…

My goal for all clients is to give you the tools to manage your problem yourself. We want to fix the problem in as few appointments as possible. From experience I have found the best method of doing this is via an intensive, more focussed approach that includes both hands on treatment and a specific 6 stage exercise programme, my Fix It Fast Framework. The more spread out your appointments, the slower your results tend to be.

If you need hands on treatment, you will be invited back into clinic on Saturdays at a frequency dictated by your symptoms. As your symptoms reduce, so will how regularly you will need treatment. The rest of your care will take place via 1:1 exercise sessions, either online via Zoom or face to face in a gym.

My ultimate focus is to improve the way you move… so you don’t keep returning to us with the same problem. This is where our Fix It Fast Framework comes in.

I no longer encourage booking adhoc appointments (other than your Initial Consultation) as I find clients lose their way, fall off the radar and don’t complete their rehab journey. By spreading out appointments too far apart, momentum is lost, it takes longer to get results and ends in you needing more appointments than if you had worked more intensively.

We’ll discuss your onward plan and what’s best for you at your initial consultation, but you can also explore all the ways to work with me here.

After your Initial Consultation, we’ll discuss what is best for you going forward. If you’ve already had your Initial Consultation and you’ve got questions about your treatment plan, let’s chat!

Book your Initial Consultation

If you’re a new patient or are an existing patient experiencing a new problem, book your Initial Consultation Package below.

All in-person appointments are at our Sidcup clinic –
Just Therapy Clinic, 9 The Green, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 6BS.

Select the Initial Consultation Package below, choose your appointment date and time, fill in the form with your details, and complete the payment via the online system to book.

Please note that your first appointment can be booked on Saturdays ONLY.

If you’re an existing patient, book your follow up appointments in your client portal or get in touch with me.

Cancellation Policy Reminder: I politely request a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. All appointments cancelled with insufficient notice will be charged in full regardless of circumstance as often there is a waiting list for appointments. Please contact me directly rather than responding to appointment reminder emails as your email may not be received.


How long is the Initial Consultation?

The in clinic hands on consultation is 40 minutes but we’ll also have a 25-40 minute telephone/Zoom call after your consultation to discuss your diagnosis and next steps.

Find out more about what’s involved with the Initial Consultation here.

I'm an existing patient, how can I book my follow up appointments?

Follow up appointments can be booked through your client portal on If you don’t have a client portal, get in touch with me to book your appointment.

What happens after the Initial Consultation?

After the Initial Consultation, I’ll create a treatment plan for you and discuss the best path forward.

You’ll also get an online portal that you can log into with a summary of findings and your suggested plan, plus recommended exercises, 1 month of complimentary online Pilates and access to Becky via WhatsApp or via 10 minute physio advice calls.

Can I book adhoc follow up appointments after the initial assessment?
For exercise sessions, I no longer encourage booking adhoc sessions as I find clients lose their way, miss out on their rehab journey, and need more appointments in the long run. Keeping sessions close together helps maintain momentum and achieve better results. I have packages that we can discuss at your initial assessment or by getting in touch. However for other treatments, you can book adhoc appointments, ensuring you receive precisely what you need.
Where's your clinic and is there parking?

Our clinic is at Just Therapy Clinic, 9 The Green, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 6BS.

The clinic is located in the middle of Sidcup Green. Aim for The Star restaurant and drive through its car park, follow the road to the left and the building and car park is just on the right.

Find out more and get directions here

How should I dress for my appointments?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms that can be easily rolled up/down and are comfortable to lie in. Jeans for example are not appropriate. In some cases we will need you to undress to your underwear. You may choose to bring a vest top or shorts with you to wear during your treatment for the sake of modesty. If you are a keen exerciser and have a lower limb injury it is also wise to bring your trainers for assessment.

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